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Bodyweight Training For Over 40s Men

GTW is committed to helping over 40s men be Fitter – Stronger – Happier. Your best years are ahead. Don’t believe the BS. Live life to the fullest. Bringing you fitness ideas for your mind, body, and spirit. One step at a time.

All our programs have been designed for men in their 40s, 50s and 60s. We combine strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training using beginner to advanced bodyweight exercises. This is your chance to force your body into sleeve-splitting muscle growth. No more excuses.

Your best years are ahead when you join the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program.

Superior Nutrition

We’re not 20 anymore. We need the right diet appropriate for our age and our lifestyle. And when you’re feeding your body the correct fuel, you’ll have bundles of energy to live life to the fullest and still have enough to fight your way through your workouts with the guts and determination of the true warrior you are. 

Advanced Training

From beginner to advanced, we’ve got your back. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out before. We have workouts for every size, shape and experience level. With our bodyweight workouts you don’t need equipment, space, or a load of time. You can follow our workouts at home, in the park, or on your travels. 

Toughest Mindset

Without the mindset of a true warrior, you’ll never maintain any fitness program. That’s why building a tough mindset is at the core of the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program. We’ll help you build the passion, desire and determination to improve every area of your life.



“I’ve never liked wasting time getting to the gym. Then having to wait for weights, a bench or a machine. GTW makes fitness easy”

John James

“I’ve always been too busy to join a gym. With Grey Top I can train anywhere. It’s perfect for me.”

Derek Low



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