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This post is about 3 really annoying myths about bodyweight training

Look, I don’t mind some people thinking that bodyweight exercises are for wimps?

But when there’s a ton of misinformation about bodyweight training…

There’s a VERY strong possibility that you could miss out.

Miss out on an awesome chance to ‘Achieve ALL Your Fitness Goals’

And that’s what I hate!

The whole reason I started Grey Top Warriors (GTW) was to help guys like you get in shape and…

Get ‘Fitter – Stronger – Happier’ – It’s the GTW Motto.

And I’m pretty sure if you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’re looking to improve your fitness.

Your number one goal might be cutting 20 pounds of fat so that you look and feel 10 years younger…

Or perhaps just dropping 2 or 3 belt notches so that you can fit into your favourite jeans or trousers …

But when these mindless dicks on the internet spout BS about bodyweight training it drives me mad!

So let’s bust three of the biggest myths around bodyweight training:



Bodyweight exercises done properly hurt. They’re brutal.

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself, why do the military and Special Forces rely on bodyweight conditioning to knock recruits into shape?

Just think about it.

In real life combat situations muscles aren’t isolated…

You need your whole body to run, duck, cover and get yourself into life-saving, combat-ready positions.

At the heart of military-style conditioning is the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

This is developed through mastering the core bodyweight moves, including squats, pull-ups and push-ups.

Going back to basics isn’t a step backwards.

It’s proof you’re a master at full-body conditioning.

Right, now we’ve busted Myth #1, let’s move on to #2…


Bodyweight beast program

Just because you’re not lugging weights around the gym doesn’t mean you’re not working out hard.

The reason there’s a perception that you can’t pack on muscle through bodyweight training is a complete lack of understanding.

You see, you need to understand how to choose the right progressions to increase your strength.

As long as there is tension on the muscle you can grow.

Your muscle doesn’t know if the resistance is an external weight or your own body.

Like I said, bodyweight training done properly is BRUTAL.

And that exactly what guys our age need.

Short, hard training routines that are really tough.

That way we get the maximum benefits from the shortest amount of time.



Go on Youtube and you’ll find a ton of “supermen” showing off their bodyweight moves. Yes, these look impressive but don’t be fooled.

You don’t need to focus on super-advanced complex moves to chisel a strong foundation of functional strength.

You just need to do the right moves with the correct form with the right progressions.

Every bodyweight master started from the same point: working on the foundational moves which make up 90% of the strength types.

Only by focusing on the core moves which target each of the Four Strength Types will you really develop powerful “true strength”.

And the good news is these are simple and easy to master, as long as you choose the right training like the workout on the next page.

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Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors