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You might think you can’t complete a Special Forces workout…

But with the correct coaching, I strongly believe it’s possible.

Of course, I’m not talking about severe interrogation and torture training…

Or jumping out of planes with no parachute.

I’m talking about the style of training the Special Forces do to get in incredible shape.

With all the misinformation about bodyweight training on the internet, I wanted to bust three of the biggest myths around this kind of training…



I’m sure you’ve seen some of the very experienced bodyweight aficionados on YouTube doing superman bodyweight moves.

Yes, these look supremely impressive.

But do you have to learn how to do the Back Lever or Human Flag to get in shape?

Of course not.

You don’t need to focus on these super-advanced complex moves.

You only need a few of the core bodyweight moves, at least to get going.

For sure, you can try some of the funky stuff later.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Inside the Bodyweight Beast program, you’ll be focusing on the core moves which target each of the Four Strength Types.

This will really develop your “true powerful strength”.

Will you build a strong chiselled physique when you focus on a strong foundation of functional strength?

You bet you will. That’s a given.

That leads nicely to Myth #2…


Bodyweight beast program

If anyone thinks bodyweight training is easy…well…they clearly haven’t tried it.

How many proper pull-ups can you currently do?

And I mean, with proper form, all the way down, until your arms are fully extended…

And all the way up, until AT LEAST your chin is over the bar…

Better if you can come up so your sternum hits the bar…

Can you do 3 with proper form?

Maybe you can do 10 – congratulations because that’s not normal. More on that in a minute…

Bodyweight exercises done properly are brutal.

And that’s the beauty of this style of training…

Don’t believe me?

Why do you think Special Forces like the British SAS rely on bodyweight conditioning to test their recruits’ fitness?

Just think about it.

In real life combat situations muscles aren’t isolated…

You need your whole body to run, duck, cover and get yourself into life-saving, combat-ready positions.

At the heart of SAS training is the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

This is developed through mastering the fundamental bodyweight moves which you’ll learn inside the Bodyweight Beast Program.

Remember, getting back to basics isn’t a step backwards.

It’s proof you’re a master at full-body conditioning.

As promised, what is considered a good number for pull-ups?

I struggled to get any data on our age group, but I did find this…

According to the Candidate Fitness Assessment for anyone seeking to enter the U.S. military, the average number of pull-ups performed by men is nine.

Men who are able to perform 18 consecutive pull-ups are considered to possess a high level of fitness.  

Just remember, these numbers will NOT mean the proper form I mentioned above.

But anyway, that target of 18 consecutive pull-ups done with the perfect form I mentioned is a good target for you to aim for.

By Christmas this year?

Game on!!



Some fools on the internet believe you must be lifting heavy weights to pack on serious muscle.

That’s complete BS.

With the right progressions, you can increase your strength, and muscle with every bodyweight workout.

When you have your muscles under tension, your muscle will grow.

Of course, your muscles have no clue you are pushing a barbell or you’re pushing your whole body.

And look, before I finish off here, because it’s actually time for my afternoon workout, which is 15 different kinds of push-ups…

I just wanted to make it clear…

Bodyweight training has the following benefits I know you’ll love:

  • You’ll crush that ‘2pm groggy, foggy drowsiness once you get into a regular training routine
  • You’ll enjoy more stamina than 90% of teenagers
  • You’ll recapture your mental and physical edge
  • You’ll create a better physique than you had 20 years ago
  • You’ll melt stubborn fat, especially around your gut
  • And your Mrs will be more than happy at her new man in a number of different ways…(wink wink)

The Bodyweight Beast Program provides simple and easy workouts you can get started on today…

Click HERE to get started creating your new chiselled physique.

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Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors