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boost your t-levels naturally

A common myth I hear all the time is that guys over 40 can’t do anything about low testosterone levels except expensive and often dangerous hormone treatment.


Have you started to feel like your strength seems to be fading?

Have you noticed even your desire to work out is slipping away?

Perhaps if you do start a workout, lifting the same as you did before seems to be getting harder and harder.

Even normal day to day tasks might be getting tougher.

A little bit harder every day. And more exhausting.

Do you feel out of breath just climbing a flight of stairs?

boost your t-levels naturally

Listen, it’s probably not your diet or work schedule. But could be low testosterone levels.

You might not be working out as much as you did in your younger days. And that’s ok…

But it can be really annoying when you can’t understand this loss of strength.

Recent studies show that when guys our age are inactive, we will lose about half a per cent of muscle strength each year between the ages of about 30 and 60.

And after 60, that rate of muscle loss doubles every 10 years. Yikes!

But that’s if we do nothing about it. And this is why I wrote this article…

Of course, there are different reasons why we lose our muscles, and these reasons also provide us with the solutions to fight back.

Some decrease in your strength will simply come from your age…

But a lot will come of inactivity.

Most guys our age tell me there are two main reasons why they let their bodies get out of shape and slowly decline.

One, they either don’t have the time to work out anymore, or they’re not sure which exercises they should be doing. (Check out the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program).

And two, they don’t have the energy to work out anymore.

And reason number two could be tied to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Basically, as your testosterone levels decrease, your energy levels also decrease, which leads to a lack of desire to work out, and thus your muscle mass and strength will decrease.

Do you see the vicious circle here?

And it gets worse…

Because, as your muscle decreases, the amount of calories you burn every day keep dropping and dropping.

But your appetite doesn’t drop as fast as your metabolism does…

So you’re eating the same amount as you always do, but you keep burning less and less.

And the extra gets stored as fat.

Ready for the killer blow?

All this extra fat makes a hormone that’s destined to mess you up.

It’s called aromatase

Aromatase turns the little testosterone you might have left into estrogen.

That’s the same estrogen that helps women go through puberty, grow breasts and hips etc.

Ok, estrogen in small amounts is necessary…

Even guys.

It plays a role in your heart and brain health and other stuff.

But when you start getting fat, and making too much aromatase, you get TOO MUCH of it.

And too much estrogen leads to problems… Like losing muscle mass.

Can you now see how testosterone is the vital component that holds everything together?

Fix your low testosterone levels and you’ll get a huge boost in your motivation to work out.

And thus, your strength and muscle mass will return.

The latest studies show that men as old as 70 and 80 experienced an increase in muscle mass once they fixed their low testosterone levels.

​But Aren’t Hormone Injections Dangerous?

Some guys you know at the gym might suggest taking hormone injections and testosterone therapy to get your energy back…

But, while I know breakthroughs in medical science have come a long way in recent years…

And this hormone replacement therapy sounds like it’s working wonders for some guys…

And I’m sure some people need this treatment for certain medical conditions…

But I’m just not confident in trying those sorts of medical treatments when I know there are safer, more natural options now available to us.

boost your t-levels naturally
boost your t-levels naturally

Ok, What’s The Natural Solution to Fixing Low Testosterone?

Yes, there are effective testosterone solutions with simple, natural ingredients…

And when taken in the right doses, have been found to radically improve testosterone levels.

So, if you’re FED UP with feeling exhausted all the time…

If you’re embarrassed you can’t seem to get erections like you want…

And it feels like your balls could just shrivel up and die…

Or you’re TIRED of losing your ability to gain muscle, lose fat or make progress when you work out…

Then I might have a cheap and safe solution for you…

And importantly, you don’t have to fall for the typical gym-bro fake science nonsense any longer.

Follow the LINK to a safe and natural solution to your low testosterone levels for less than a half-pint of beer per day!

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​Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors