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REF: For those plagued by back pain ONLY

If you’re in significant pain right now and you’re one of our subscribers, you undoubtedly appreciate we’re chiropractors.

Back pain? It’s what we do. That’s what 50-75% of our work revolves around.

Now having said that, there is ONE person, just one, that when it comes to back pain? You REALLY must get to know.

And surprisingly, he’s NOT a chiropractor.

Get this:

He’s not just dealt with one or two cases, or 100 or 200… he’s helped heal thousands.

Over the last ten years, he’s developed a program where ANYONE can start relieving their own back pain in the next 30 minutes.


Just 15 minutes into the program and you’re feeling eons better. Out of pain. Or at a minimum, greatly reduced.

As chiropractors, we highly endorse Ian Hart and his methods.

It’s an amazing program you really must see for yourself.

==> One Back Pain Relief Method We Support

Here’s why we think you should check it out:

Have you ever injured your back, visited your chiropractor and talked to him for a bit and he then REFUSES to do spinal cord manipulation?

There’s a really good reason:

The reason is at that point, you’re in too MUCH pain. He can’t adjust you without your back biting back and injuring you further.

The muscles are trying incredibly hard to protect your spine and they’re just too tight.

The body has to relax a day or two before your chiropractor can do his best work.

And that’s why Ian’s program has some notoriety. Amazingly, Ian advises you not to wait and rest first. He says it actually works better that way.

His method involves eight simple movements done in a specific sequence. It takes no longer than 16 minutes.

It’s not like those sheets of exercises you get from doctors. It’s not like yoga, although there’s a lot of powerful mind-body-spirit connection stuff going on.

If you’re in pain now, or back pain has been a persistent problem, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

–> Check Out Ian Hart’s Incredible Back Pain Program

Ian’s methods are ingenious. Why? Because they nail the root causes of your pain.

Root causes, you ask?

Well, do you do a lot of repetitive work all day, either sitting OR standing? Then odds are, your back and spine are not getting the oxygen, blood, vitamins and minerals and nutrients it needs.

They’re SLOWLY over time being starved.

Trust me when I say pain is not the cause. It’s just a really obvious symptom. Pain in your back is screaming for help.

Ian’s methods not only get you out of pain, it more importantly starts FLOODING your back with much-needed nutrients.

The second thing that happens is as you get older you develop muscle imbalances. For instance, the hip flexors are too weak, while your thighs deal with bearing the load.

Not good at all and…

Next thing you know?

Your back goes out of whack at the drop of a hat and lays you up for days. Your muscles wound tighter than a spring.

Again, Ian’s methods unlock the back, restores balance and brings much-needed relief.

Here’s what Michelle Onoff, a master yoga instructor, had to say about her back pain:

 “After My First Session, I Felt An Opening In My Back That I Haven’t Felt In A Long Time.  I Felt Stronger To My Core…”

Listen, don’t let back pain rule your life. Take it from us, you can do this.

==> Get Rid of Your Back Pain Now

To your greater quality of life,



PS: There’s probably a question you’ve had in the back of your mind…

 “Why would we, as respected chiropractors, encourage you to use non-chiropractic methods?”

Three reasons. ALL important.

The first and most important reason is it’s something THAT TRULY WORKS.

Ian has not one or two but hundreds of success stories. Maybe thousands. Our commitment to you is to get safely back to “healthy and functional.” To stop your needless suffering.

Reason #2 is it uses principles that we fully embrace.

And reason #3 is…

God forbid, if you’re in so much pain you feel like western medicine, drugs, injections and surgery are your only options, we can’t have that on our conscious.

There’s a better way…

==> Get Rid of Your Back Pain Now


Greg Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors