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Improve your health, improve your financial status

It’s true…

Working out truly can improve your financial situation.

I’m not sure you realize this, but improved health and fitness can lead to financial health as well. Don’t you think that’s better motivation than that burger you might have been craving?  

One study I read recently (you know I’m a science nut, right?) said that ‘weak physical fitness goes hand in hand with weak financial health’.

The results showed that almost 35% with below-average finances were also self-described as unhealthy. That’s in contrast to about 10% with above-average finances.

Makes you think what the correlation might be, right?

Well, according to a recent Forbes article, money problems can cause a negative feedback loop that affects our fitness and health. Makes sense, right?

The more stressed you are about money, the less you’ll think about working out.

Then, in the long run, that transpires to more money wasted on healthcare and other related health issues.

Ok, but how else does improved health improve your financial health?

Well, for a start improving your health will likely lead to less wasteful spending.

When you’re not working out on a regular basis, you’re more prone to spending money on things like alcohol, ciggies and unhealthy food.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Picture this…

Improve your health, improve your financial status

You’ve worked out hard all week, and made some really great gains in your workouts.

Perhaps you beat your record in pull-ups…

Or you finally managed to do 3 perfect sets of diamond push-ups…

Then when Friday evening rolls around, you’re way more likely to say no to something tempting, like a greasy kebab, which you know isn’t good for you.

Likewise, you’re more likely to quit drinking after a few beers on Saturday night if you know you have to train back tomorrow, and you want to beat your pull up record.

On the flip side, if a guy hasn’t worked out for 6 months, and is offered that same greasy kebab, he’s more likely to take it.

And as those beers are going down so smoothly, why stop at 3 or 4?

Improve your health, improve your financial status

Grey Top Warriors helps you be Less Stressed

In addition, guys on GTW programs are less stressed in general, which further leads to positive habits, mental clarity and more motivation to get more out of life.

Plus, physical fitness can break the negative feedback loop by lowering stress and leading to positive habits––like the 69 percent of people who eat healthier when they have enough money and, ultimately, invest in their health.

GTW programs help you save on transportation costs

Let’s say you had a gym membership, and you went four times a week. In a year that’s over 200 trips to the gym and 200 trips back home. Just think of the fuel costs and wear and tear on your car just for that journey alone in a single year. Plus, you might have parking fees on top of that. In contrast, working out with GTW and you can forget all those transportation costs. That’s money you can use to invest in something more rewarding, be it stocks or crypto or whatever.

GTW programs help save you precious time

Take that previous example of driving to the gym.

I know it used to take me about 15-20 minutes to get to the gym, and if traffic was bad, it sometimes took 30-40.

Then of course, you gotta come back. And if your gym doesn’t have parking, then more time is wasted getting from your car to the gym.

Improve your health, improve your financial status

Even if it only took you 20 minutes from your home to the gym, and you were training 4 times a week, that’s still 8,320 minutes wasted every year or 138 hours.

Do the maths if your journey is/was even longer.

That’s time you could be spent making money. Learning a foreign language. Making a dent in that long list of books you promised yourself you’d get through. Or simply just enjoying life with your wife, friends or family.

Is it any wonder so many people our age ‘think’ they have no time to exercise?

GTW programs encourage common sense moderation and goal-setting

Anyone with a sense of investment knows that financial goal-setting is about discipline and patience.

Well, improved health and fitness is all about moderation too.

Like in my books, ‘Nutrition 4 Warriors’ and ‘Flexible Nutrition’, I talk a lot about treating yourself occasionally instead of overindulging.

Using the ‘90% principle’ for health and fitness is all about eating healthy 90% of the time and rewarding yourself with some tasty treats ‘some’ of the time.

In the GTW programs, you’ll see I talk a lot about goal-setting. When you set goals and start to see some decent results in your health and fitness levels, like you notice your arms are starting to look much thicker and defined when you’re brushing your teeth one day…

You’re much more likely to have confidence in GTW programs in general.

And you realize the hard graft is really worth it.

And this newly found positive mindset will cross over into other areas of your life, and benefit you in a multitude of ways.

Final Thoughts…

At GTW, I might not be able to tell you which is the next million-dollar stock or crypto coin, but I can help you strengthen your body, mind and general well-being, and in turn perhaps improve your financial health.

So, what’s holding you back from joining Grey Top Warriors?

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Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors

P.S: If you haven’t got yourself a copy of ‘Nutrition 4 Warriors’ or ‘Flexible Nutrition yet, email me at info (at) greytopwarriors.com for more info.