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Right now, we face one of the most challenging periods in all our lives.

Covid is still all around us. It seems like different variants are coming out weekly.

Many people fear things can go wrong quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, this is also when working out and keeping healthy can go out the window…

Further compounding the problems…

Leading to even more overwhelm.

Sure, some of us will use this opportunity to get in better shape. But the chaos and challenging times can crush many people’s motivation.

And so, more often than not, things begin to deteriorate on many fronts.

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The vicious downward energy spiral

We start getting into a downward spiral, a vicious cycle where things start getting worse progressively.

The problem is we don’t realize we’re in a downward spiral until our bodies and our health get into a terrible state.

Some guys won’t take corrective action until they hit rock bottom. If at all…

For example, they might not realize they’ve been eating unhealthy foods and skipping exercise over many months.

Their relationships may be strained…to the point of breaking.

Their finances might be slowly deteriorating as the savings dwindle…

Their jobs might feel stale and unmotivating…

The “work at home’ policy doesn’t suit everyone…

None of these have to necessarily happen simultaneously, but they certainly can in isolation.

1. The Downward Energy Spiral

There’s one everyday reality that hits you harder than anything else: always feeling tired.

To feel that overwhelming exhaustion every day is, well… exhausting.

You wake up tired. Yawn your way through the workday. And then spend the evening slouched on the sofa unable to keep your eyes open.

And you pay the price.

You spend less quality time with your wife. Less time with your kids. Every activity is a struggle.

Before you thought nothing of heading out to do any number of outdoor activities… now, you’re lucky if you make it through the evening.

You’re on a downward energy spiral when your lack of energy reduces your activity levels.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

But here’s the thing about the Energy Spiral…

It goes up as well as down.

Find the energy and get back into daily activity and the spiral turns upwards. More energy = even more energy.

Reinvigorating your body to release enough energy to keep increasing your energy levels needs to be a major part of any program.


2. The Frustration Cycle

Remember what you were like in your 20s?

Knocking around the gym. Lifting big. Huge gains every week. Eating whatever you wanted with no side effects.

I could easily polish off a whole pizza AND a large doner kebab without a second thought.

And then what happened when you hit your 30s?

Change happens.

A nag turns into an ache. The gains take a little bit longer. The fat clings a little harder to your body than it used to.

The realization hits: we’re not invincible.

Progress is painful. What worked for you as a 20-year-old kid doesn’t work for you now.

It’s perfectly natural.

Your body changes.

But NONE of the programs out there reflect that change.

They expect you to try nailing it like you did in your youth…and when you don’t get results, frustration sets in.

You try working out harder. And for longer. Yet the results stall. Your energy starts dropping and soon you’re exhausted, frustrated or, even worse, injured.

It’s worse than hitting a plateau. And it’s not just a case of changing it up or trying something different.

The next stage is all about motivation…


3. The Priority Paradox

Of course, it’s not your fault.

When you hit your 30s, life gets in the way.

You mature. Your priorities change.

Your days fill up with the everyday rigour of spending time on your career.

You dedicate your free time on evenings and weekends to your family.

Hanging out in the gym or sweating it out for hours on end stop having the same appeal.

Your motivation wanes. Your diet slips. Life gets in the way.

Your priorities may have changed… but your body still needs attention.

As you can see, NONE of these issues are physiological.

Our challenges are not about our body. They are around what we choose to do with our body.

These are the same challenges for every guy, like you and me. You may be experiencing one or more of these right now… you may be going through all three.


So, what’s the solution to the downward energy spiral?

By challenging and resolving each of these issues, you CAN turn back the clock.

You CAN fight back.

Deterioration and decay don’t have to be your reality.

You CAN break out of the downward spirals in your life…

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​Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
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