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Today’s post is all about Mental Barriers.

If you sat down and examined every area of your life you’re not happy with…

Many or perhaps most are down to mental barriers.

Let me explain…

Sometimes our plateau in fitness has nothing to do with reps, sets, exercises or rest periods.

In fact, it can be totally mental.

My friend Mike Westerdal recently had an experience just like that and this is how he overcame it.


How to Set a Personal Record In The Gym Without Changing Your Workout
by Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC

For many years, I’ve pushed myself and others to reach
the peak of our physical performance.

I’ve carefully planned and executed sophisticated workout and nutritional programs to ensure I reached my physical max.

I left no stone unturned scraping-out incremental improvement over incremental improvement.

But one day, a while back, I hit a plateau.

I was trying to increase the weight I was benching but nothing helped.

Not changes in my diet.

Nor changes to my routine – would push me past my current weight.

I had yet to hit a 600 pound bench press in practice or in competition.

(If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the feeling of the frustration that follows when you hit a ceiling.)

No matter what I tried, it didn’t work.

Then one day, while waiting in a doctor’s office I picked up a psychology journal left on the coffee table.

Flipping through it my eye rested on a story about pro athletes and peak performance.

Right then it hit me. It wasn’t a physical solution I needed, but a mindset change.



After hearing about Mike Gillette I managed to get into one of his strength psychology master classes.

I found he revealed, to a select audience the secret mental strength techniques.

The same techniques he’d used when training special forces and law enforcement officers.

Within hours, I was a changed man.

That 600 pound bench press barrier I’d struggled to overcome for months and months was put to the sword.

And within only days of hearing Mike’s inspirational words and following his simple, easy-to-do mindset exercises.

During the meet I felt awesome.

I was so calm, yet fired up at the same time.

I just felt ready and I was able to block out everything except for the task at hand.


A few weeks later, I called Mike to discuss the changes I’d experienced.

I asked him if it was unusual the amount of progress I’d made in such a short time.

Mike casually said ‘no’ and that most of his students reported life-changing results after spending just a few hours with him.

I was in stunned disbelief and I practically shouted down the phone at him…


For the first time, I’d seen that developing a tough mind was a learned skill.

You are NOT born with it.

Because of this ANYONE can become mentally tough.

No matter what your background, your ability and what stage you’re at now…

You CAN increase your ability to handle every kind of stress – physical, mental and emotional.

And not let emotions control you.

You CAN have a calm and disciplined mind that gives you focus and strength when you need it most.

You CAN develop the kind of military-grade situational awareness that gives you the vital edge when you need it.

And Mike can hand the power to you to take control instead of letting circumstances get the better of you.

At last, I’ve persuaded Mike to open up his toolbox of psychological techniques and share with you his ‘insider’ secrets.

The ones he uses to train soldiers, law enforcement officers and… well, basically ANYONE who needs to develop
mental toughness quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we’ve spent the last six months carefully selecting the most targeted and relevant advice for you.

And we’ve created a complete step-by-step program that gets you from your ‘today’ self to your ‘warrior’ self as
quickly as possible.

We’ve filtered out all the technical detail and present this incredible material in the most accessible and easy-to-follow way possible.

Even if you’ve never been exposed to many of these techniques before…

You’ll grasp the concepts quickly and be able to apply them IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve seen the power of these lessons on the human mind.

I understand the confidence, the power and belief you’ll gain by learning to be mentally tough.

So let me tell you about…

The Psychology of Strength Program gives you a practical, step-by-step blueprint to rapidly developing
mentally toughness and suppress the fear and self-limiting beliefs that sabotage your success.

It’s the world’s first program designed to show how to develop a tough mind that combines training secrets from
law enforcement, military, sports psychology, hypnosis, NLP and marital arts.


Psychology of Strength is available as a 2-disc DVD set complete with a comprehensive Strong Mind Manual designed to be used alongside the presentations.


The program includes presentations delivered by the most highly respected mental strength coach in the world, Mike Gillette.

In every presentation, he’ll share every ‘insider’ secret and strategy he knows to help you develop a tough mind and smash records in the gym and in life.

This product just went live yesterday and we have already sold over 388 copies of the 1000 total DVD/Book sets available in hard copy format.

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I’m sure you can relate to these mental barriers.

Why is it that you can bench 150 lbs no problem but when you see 3 big plates on the bar for 180 lbs it feels so hard?

It’s not your strength, it’s all in your head.

Why can some guys lift the weight no problem time and time again in the gym, but when the pressure is on at the meet they bomb out?

Again..it’s not an issue with physical strength.  The answer is to prepare yourself mentally so that you can perform at your peak ability.

Here’s how you can learn the same secrets that helped my friend Mike bench press over 600 pounds in competition.

Greg Noland-Grey-Top-Warriors-2021

Here’s to building your tough mindset,

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors

P.S Please remember, I don’t just want you to build a tougher mindset so you will get maximum value from the GTW Training programs. But a ‘Tough Mindset’ will prepare you for any battle life throws at you. And we both know life is VERY good at throwing you a tough curveball from time to time.

Prepare yourself now by building an ‘Iron-clad’ mindset. Discover how to develop a growth mindset. How to build your confidence in any situation.

Here’s that link again >> Take Action Today For A Brighter, More Rewarding Future.