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boost your t-levels naturally

There are certain warning signs or red flags which will tell you if you’re struggling with low testosterone levels.

And if you’ve recently joined the GTW Program or you’re thinking of starting soon, then it’s a very good idea to:

1) understanding your current T-levels and…

2) know what you can do to fix your testosterone levels if you find out you’re low.

So, this article aims to give you the information you need to realize if you do have low T-levels or not.

Do any of these situations or conditions feel familiar?

  • You don’t feel up for a roll in the hay as much as you used to
  • You have trouble getting and/or keeping strong erections
  • You’re losing lean muscle mass
  • You feel shattered for most of the day
  • You feel like you’re increasing your body fat
  • You feel depressed for no or little apparent reason
boost your t-levels naturally

Ok, let’s get into this important topic…

To be clear, this article is written to help GTW members who have recently started training on the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program. This is our premium bodyweight training program, where members go through 7 levels of high-intensity exercises on a regular basis.

However, this article will help anyone over the age of about 30 who feels they have lost or are losing their “usual zest for life”.

The truth is, as guys age, the amount of testosterone in our bodies gradually drops. This natural decline can start just after 30 and continues at a rate of about 1% per year throughout our life.

So, if you’re trying to build solid muscle or burn fat, then you might be facing a brick wall, and not realizing why.


You could be hitting the gym hard, doing everything you’ve been told regarding cutting junk foods out of your diet…

Exercising hard for 3 or 4 sessions per week…

But still, you don’t achieve your desired results.

If that sounds like your situation, then keep reading.

The truth is, if you’re struggling to lose body fat and build muscle, it might not be due to the way you’re working out.

It could be because your hormones are out of whack.

So, these warning flags below will help you discover if you could be like a lot of men our age…and that’s your testosterone levels are slipping dangerously low.

And I’ll even offer a cheap and natural solution to help you boost your T-levels to a stronger level so you can reap all the benefits…

Ok, let’s dig into the warning flags…

Testosterone Warning Flag No.1

 You’re struggling to build muscle

You could have started an exercise program already but feel you’re struggling to build any decent muscle mass. Or you simply feel you’re experiencing a loss of muscle mass.

Do you feel your chest muscles are sagging? Or perhaps it feels like your bicep muscles are squishy and losing firmness.

On a basic level, testosterone is a vital hormone that repairs cuts and bruises but it’s also responsible for repairing muscle tissue.

You’ve probably heard that exercising tears your muscles, and the recovery and muscle building happens when you’re recovering. Well, if your testosterone levels are low, then your recovery phase could be severely restricted. This means your body will struggle to repair the muscle fibres you worked so hard to tear down in your training.

This is a double whammy because:

1) You’ll struggle to build decent muscle mass, even if you worked out properly

2) Your body will struggle to recover by the time you’re working out again.

This extended recovery time bites a lot of guys in the ass. They finally realize they need to work out. They’ve found a program that suits them. They’ve got all the necessary motivation to work out. But now they are struggling to fit in enough workouts per week, all because their body is unable to recover.

And low testosterone could be the single cause.


Testosterone Warning Flag No.2

Feeling shattered for most of the day is another potential warning flag of low testosterone.

If you’re getting enough sleep and eating a sensible diet but still experiencing fatigue then low testosterone could again be the cause.

Before I tried the solution to low testosterone which I’ll tell you about soon, I was experiencing a lack of energy around 2pm. It was like clockwork. And it wasn’t because I had a big lunch or anything like that.

By 2pm, I just seemed to get a whack in my energy levels. I felt groggy, sleepy, and couldn’t pay attention to my work. I hated it.

So, when I started taking this certain supplement I was super stoked that it fixed this ‘brain fog’ I was experiencing at 2pm every day…

Almost immediately.

Maybe you can relate to this too…

Strong energy levels are vital when we’re exercising hard, especially when going through a high-intensity program like the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program.

But strong energy levels are vital in our work and careers too. Plus, strong energy levels are very important if you regularly drive in the early afternoons. Being drowsy at the wheel because of low testosterone could potentially be fatal.

Testosterone Warning Flag No.3

Do you struggle to feel up for a roll in the hay as much as you used to?

Perhaps you also have trouble getting and keeping strong erections. Both of these issues could be severely detrimental to your relationships and be the cause of a lot of issues in your life.

Do you still wake up with a healthy boner or are those days long gone?

Well, if they are, don’t believe the BS. When your testosterone levels are healthy, there’s no reason you can’t wake up with a healthy woodie.

Now, I don’t mean you need a morning boner so you can go 3 rounds with your mrs before getting up…

Even though that’s a very good way to start the day.

I mean, if you’re not waking up with a healthy erection, then this could be a clear warning flag of having low testosterone.

To be honest, since I started taking this supplement, I’ve woken up almost every morning with a very healthy surprise.

So much so in fact, that I now realize there was a long time I was not waking up like this. I guess you don’t realize it until someone mentions it.

So, hopefully, if you get nothing else from this blog post, you’ll now pay more attention to what’s going on down there first thing in the morning.

Knowledge is power, right?

If you notice, you’re all floppy joe every morning, then use this warning flag to get something done about it.

Like I said, don’t believe the BS in the media that erectile dysfunction is just a part of getting older.

With the right knowledge you can discover if you have low testosterone, AND importantly do something about it.


Testosterone Warning Flag No.4

 Are you struggling to burn off the fat around your body?

This is another big warning flag you could have low testosterone levels.

Just like low-T can be to blame for restricting your chances of building solid muscle, this can also be the cause of not cutting down on your fat deposits.

It’s actually double-trouble…

Strong levels of testosterone will help you burn more fat. However, when you have a high body fat percentage, it will be much tougher for you to produce testosterone.

So, unless you fix your low-T levels, it’s going to be very difficult for you to cut bodyfat and build lean muscle mass.


Testosterone Warning Flag No.5

Are you getting a decent sleep every night?

If you haven’t read my recent book on improving your sleep, you might not realize that poor sleep and insomnia have been linked to low testosterone levels.

This is a huge area you need to fix. Because the consequences, if you don’t, can be pretty extreme. And I’m talking about getting a solid 8 hours every night, not just at the weekend.

If you don’t get a decent amount of sleep, and of a high quality, and that means not waking up once or twice through the night for a slash…

Your body will release more cortisol. This is a bad thing because cortisol opposes testosterone. So, when your cortisol levels are high, your testosterone levels won’t be.

In addition, if you aren’t sleeping well and in the right quantities, your body is going to struggle to recover in time for your next workout.

This is one of the big reasons guys can work out like madmen but hardly see any gains.

They are shooting themselves in the foot. All the grit and determination in the world is all wasted.

Can you now see why you need to get your testosterone levels fixed?

Final thoughts on the warning flags of low Testosterone

Testosterone helps you function efficiently in every area of your life. It’s not just about getting the most out of the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program.

Many guys our age suffer from low testosterone and they don’t even know it. Low testosterone levels can seriously affect your career and your relationships…

As well as restricting your chances of getting your physique in shape, low confidence, and weak energy levels throughout the day…

How do you know if your testosterone is low?

Simple. Go get a blood test.

Don’t you think it’s worth knowing where your testosterone levels are? If you don’t know, it’s hard to fix the problems related to weak testosterone.

I hope this article has given you the motivation to get your T-levels fixed.

I said I’d tell you about the simple solution I’ve just started trying…

Well, here it is. I just wish I’d discovered Prime Male Testosterone Booster sooner.

If you’re TIRED of losing your ability to gain muscle, lose fat or make progress when you work out…

Then this is a cheap and safe solution…

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​Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
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