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Have you heard of anterior pelvic tilt?

It’s a term you might have heard from your personal trainer and it’s a condition that causes your butt to stick out and your belly to bulge due to your hips tilting forward.

Having this anterior pelvic tilt also known as bulging belly syndrome can make you look like you have 5-7% higher body fat than you actually do.

That might be hard to imagine, so take a look at the pic below.


Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Now don’t get me wrong.

You’re not going to get popping abs and look like someone in the first two images simply by loosening your hips.

However, if you’re anywhere else on the chart, you will certainly look like you moved an entire square over simply by unlocking your hip flexors which are one of the leading causes of anterior pelvic tilt.

How do you know if you have tight hip flexors?

If you sit a lot and have a belly that protrudes, I’m 99% sure you have tight hip flexors.

Most of us do, it’s just a fact of life.

But thankfully, I’ve got a 15-minute solution for you…

That can reverse the damage of sitting and tucks your stomach back in.

You can find it at the link below. I highly recommend you read the article word for word.

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