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Here’s a weird stretching routine you’re gonna love…


This one specific way of stretching can torch body fat and burn calories up to 3 times more effectively than any other stretching.

If you’ve signed up for any of the GTW Bodyweight programs you’ll know you get an awesome workout.

Are they difficult?

No, not really.

Are they hard?

Yes, of course, they are!

Sure, we ease you in slowly.

But we soon build the intensity to a factor 10!

Because we both know you don’t have endless hours to work out.

Your time is precious. And it’s not devoted to working out.

Sure, you love being in shape and reaping all the rewards of being fitter than guys 10 or even 20 years younger than you.

But you just don’t have tons of freetime.

This is why you MUST incorporate stretching in your workout routines.

You don’t want an injury just because you neglected 5 minutes of stretching.

An injury could set your fitness goals back weeks or even months in some case.


So, when I looked at the research, I found study after study saying the same thing. While stretching has benefits, not all stretches are created equal.

You can’t argue with the numbers……

….Regular static stretching burns 120 calories an hour.

However, there is one unique stretch that has been proven to blast through 400 calories per hour!

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Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors

P.S. Check out what others are saying about Metabolic Stretching

Fitness Pro Approved

“I love health & fitness and I personally use the Metabolic Stretching workouts at home when I”m too busy to get to the gym.

Sometimes I even use them as my finisher at the end of my regular workouts.

My favourite part about the workout is that I get my heart rate up and increase my metabolism while also increasing my flexibility at the same time.”

V. Bradway
Fitness Pro, Online Physique Coach

More Energy & Less Stiffness

“Exercise is not something I’m great at sticking to. I know I need it but I’m not good at making time for it and I’m sick of making excuses.

A friend of mine had me read about this 10 minute “stretching” routine I could do from home that’s kind of exercise and stretching mixed together. It looked interesting so I went for it.

I must say I was impressed that I could do everything the first time. No heavy weights or equipment, just my own body. I felt better afterwards and now it’s part of my morning almost every day. I’m feeling more energy and my knees and hips feel less stiff.”

Jeff Souvenir