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Do you believe me when I say getting old is a choice?

Let me tell you about something that happened to me this week that explains this perfectly…

It’s boiling hot here at the moment, about 95F every day, so I encouraged one of my best friend’s, Jeff, to have a pool party.

He was actually the first person who signed up for the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program.

We were chatting over a beer when a couple of the guys’ teenage kids came over…

They started joking around at how ‘these two granddads’ looked in better shape than anyone else at the party…

We’re both in our fifties by the way, and not granddads yet…

But we took it as a compliment anyway…

This led to a joint conversation about how we all keep in shape.

A couple of guys who I didn’t know joined the conversation.

They told us they were 34 and 37.

And clearly out of shape.

They started coming up with all sorts of excuses why they didn’t have time to work out…

I told them about the GTW Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program 12 minute workouts…

Then they said they didn’t have time to eat a healthy diet. They had to grab what was available a lot of the time.

I told them about the GTW Health and Fitness fasting program and power smoothies…


They said they weren’t motivated to get in shape…

I told them about the GTW Motivation Blueprint…

Basically, they were just coming up with excuses.

I couldn’t help but think to myself…

You can see some people in their 40s or 50’s, limping around all hunched over, carrying 20 or 30 pounds of excess weight, with no energy.


When did this ‘getting old’ all start?

Well, of course, I don’t want to say everyone’s situation is the same…

And that everyone who hits the Big 4-0 must follow X, Y, and Z.

But I think for a lot of people, they let themselves go gradually…

From the hundreds, possibly thousands of people I’ve talked to about their fitness over the last 30+ years…

It’s not a steep downhill spiral…

But a gradual decline.

In their 20s they are heavily involved in socializing.

Friday and Saturday night drinking sessions are the norm.

Ten pints per night easily.

Followed then by a bag of chips (fries), a kebab, a pizza, an Indian.

I know I could eat 3 of those on a Friday night in my 20s, and thought it wasn’t affecting me.

Most guys in their 20s have fast metabolisms.

But as we creep through our 20s and into our 30s, the metabolism slows…

And the inches and pounds start to pack on…

At first, it’s not very noticeable, so doesn’t spark a call to action…

Then life really kicks into gear.

Many get married. Have kids.

And their careers get serious. Often with more late-night, work-related drinking and eating.

They’ve let themselves go gradually.

And when they hit their 40s, feel it’s game over. Too late to make any changes.

Why getting old ‘IS’ a choice

Others decide that age is just a number and choose to make their 40’s the best decade of their life.

It may not look the same as when we were in our 20’s and 30’s.

Our goals may not be to deadlift a personal best, but that’s okay.

Priorities have changed for me too.

I used to enjoy spending 2 to 3 hours in the gym several days per week.

Now, I wouldn’t have the time OR energy to do such long workouts.

Now, I love short, very high-intensity workouts…And often.

Now, on at least a few days per week, I’ll work out twice in a day.

I haven’t trained like that since I was a semi-professional martial artist in my 20s.


So, what does being 40 Strong look like?  

It’s being lean with hard muscles, it’s having time-efficient workouts…

It’s having the energy to work hard and play hard…

And most importantly it’s about enjoying the process and the workouts like we did when we started out.

Are you getting close to 40 years old or perhaps older?

Now is the time to get back to being your best.  Right??

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​Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors