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You’ve been misled. Guys aren’t finished after 40…

And here’s why…

LIE#1: You naturally put on weight as you get older… WRONG!

Stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older!

In fact, of any other challenge, this is the simplest to combat.

There are four factors that contribute to middle-age weight gain: slowing metabolism, lower testosterone, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Look at that list. Two of the four factors are completely within our control.

(In fact, the other two can also be beaten too, more about these later)

It’s time to stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older. It’s just an excuse.

All you need to do is make the right food choices and take care of what you eat.

That tiny change alone will stop the onset of weight gain.

If you think this is hard to do, you need to grab a copy of the GTW Health and Fitness fasting program and the GTW power smoothies


But when it comes to strength, here’s another myth to bust…

LIE #2:  As you get older, you naturally get weaker…WRONG!

I’ll show how wrong this is…

Research from the University of Oklahoma found that over an eight-week period a group of middle-aged guys (35-50) succeeded in losing body fat and building muscle.

Because they were doing the RIGHT things for their age.

That’s not all…

Compared with a group of college-aged guys over the same period, the older guys lost MORE body fat and gained MORE muscle.

So, let me say this again:

None of this is inevitable.

Yes, you’re susceptible… but it doesn’t have to be your future.

Getting older isn’t the problem.

(And any guy who blames age for their performance is clearly making excuses.)

You don’t have to accept these lies.

Look, the truth is sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass & function) is very real.

You will lose muscle as you get past 40.

But how much you lose, is very much under your control.

The best defence against sarcopenia is to build as much muscle as you can.

And the best time to start building hard muscle is today.

Your connective tissues have already started to lose some of their elasticity, which means your joints will be less supple.

That’s why getting started TODAY is so critical.

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​Keep training hard (mentally & physically),

Greg ‘Take No Prisoners’ Noland
CEO & Founder
Grey Top Warriors