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Hopefully, you fully understand the importance of your hip flexors by now.

If you’ve been following this blog over the last couple of months, you will now understand.


Just in case you need a refresher…

Your hip flexors is the longest muscle in the body and the only muscle that connects the upper body and lower body, also known as the psoas (pronounced so-az).

Your psoas…

…stabilize your trunk and spine during movement and sitting

…allow you to bend your hips and legs towards your chest

…support your internal organs

…is connected to your diaphragm which allows you to walk and breathe.

In other words, your psoas has a direct influence on your fight or flight response!

If the psoas get tight and weak, it can be a real pain but working certain muscles and doing certain exercise combinations provide easy fixes.

So… If you experience…

    low back pain
    hip pain
    pain while walking or moving
    trouble sleeping
    shortness of breath

You need to start undoing some of the damage done to your body and start helping the body to naturally heal itself.

Click >>Here are the best strategies to Go from “Sore” to “Supple”.

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To your better life,

Greg Noland
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